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DJ Nelsons Bio

     D. J. Nelson brings "magic" to the "Theatre of Life" as one of it's most innovative and brilliant artists.  So, it's not surprising that his belief that " imitates life" would lead him to share his fascination with people and the magical webs they weave in a profound and entertaining way.

     As a young man, Nelson was drawn to and excelled in theatre throughout High School and College.  He became fascinated by hypnosis when playing the role of a hypnotist in the Chanhassen Civic Theatre production of "Web of Murder".  This interest in the art of hypnosis and the power of the mind lead him to a position as Executive Assistant to Dr. Michael Dean.  Nelson attributes is mastery of hypnosis to Dr. Dean, " of the world's foremost hypnotists and entertainers" who used hypnosis as the stage to teach the secrets of personal success to thousands across the country in his popular "Success Seminars".

     D. J. Nelson went on to work with motivational giants such as Dr. Sanford I. Berman, Dr. Robert Schuler, Earl Nitengale, Dr. Dennis Wately, Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, Judge Ziglar, Charlie Plum, Art Linkletter and Olympic Champion Bob Richards.

     In 1984 he graduated from The American Institute of Hypnotherapy in Santa Ana, California.  Nelson believed hypnosis could be used as a powerful healing tool in behavioral disorders, which lead him to Carlsbad, California, where he was appointed Director of Individual Development Center, an outpatient clinic specializing in alcoholism and other addictive disorders.  He also helped patients overcome smoking addictions, eating disorders, and day to day phobias.  Stress related disorders, victims of abuse and attention deficit disorders were also treated at the hypnosis center.  Nelson values his accomplishments during this time and attributes much of his stage intuition success to this experience.

     After 6 years, his dreams took him back to school to study stage hypnosis under Dr. Sanford I Berman, Dr. Al Krasner, Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee, Ormand McGill, "Dean of Hypnosis" and Reike Masters, Chuck Mignosa and Serena Lumiere, to emerge as a Certified Master Stage Hypnotist.  The results were sold out performances throughout Southern California, Las Vegas and Nashville, Tennessee.  His ability to combine the fascination of hypnosis and entertainment has also created a demand for his shows on cruise lines as well as corporate functions.  Through his many performances, he has shared the microphone and stage with Dionne Warwick, Merle Haggard and many of the Grand Old Opry stars.

     Today, D. J. Nelson is busier than ever fulfilling bookings across the country.  He has forged his dreams into a new concept in entertainment.  "HYPNOSIS IN CONCERT", is the ultimate variety show, using hypnosis to entice the audience members to become the true stars of the show, accomplishing feats that were only fantasy until they joined Nelson on the stage.  He also presents self-improvement workshops and seminars to schools and corporate clients around the nation.  He manages to do this while tending to an independent record label he co-owns, as well as produce a television country music show, which began airing on GAC in January of 2002. 

     Recently, he accepted the role of a hypnotist in an upcoming movie, "Elvis is Alive", with Don Murray, or Marilyn Monroe's "Bus Stop" fame, Mick Murray, Lee Greenwood, the Rightous Brothers, the Hager Twins and a soon to be announced, major name leading lady, bringing his life full circle.

     However, D. J. Nelson's "HYPNOSIS IN CONCERT" is his first love and as Gordon Dillingham, manager of Stardust Theatre says, "This show is a real education in human potential--with comedy, drama, music, audience participation and theatre--and it SELLS!!!"

     Using hypnosis as entertainment, Nelson is teaching thousands how to free up their untapped mind power to make their dreams come true and--LIFE BECOME ART!!!

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